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“[CLICK] was a newly born classic, like Steve Reich’s Clapping Music only a thousand times more virtuosic.  Myself, I can’t whistle, but afterward everybody who could, did.”
–Kyle Gann, Village Voice

“…some of the most original stage artistry since Blue Man Group.”
– Vital Source

“CLICK, a fiendishly complex game of pattycake played with three sets of claves.”
-Village Voice

“Mary Ellen Childs’ CLICK won a standing ovation. A man and two women struck in precise synchronization clave sticks they held, then, like jugglers, turned in deadpan rhythm to slap each other’s sticks. …It would have been “heard,” and enjoyed, even as a silent movie.”
– Downbeat

“Expect more than theatrical garnishing. Childs has given eye-catching life to music already rich on its own terms.”
– St. Paul Pioneer Press

“Music just on the borderline between serious and sassy and constantly crossing over.”
– Michael Fleming, St. Paul Pioneer Press